Remote Tech Support

Great New Service!

Remote Tech Support service is a simple user-friendly, cost effective and innovative service that allows you to stay at home while we fix your computer problems over the internet.

This computer service fixes your problems quickly without the hassle or additional cost of taking your computer to a store. And if your computer problem can't be solved remotely there is no charge! This service is billed in fifteen minute increments (minimum 30 minutes). Based on our hourly rate of $40.00 per hour, most problems listed below can be fixed in 30 minutes for $20.00 or 45 minutes for $30.00.
This computer service is dedicated to providing a high level of privacy and quality of service for all of your computer needs. All you need for this service is an internet connection, ideally highspeed.
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"> - Problems we can fix remotely:
- Spyware, Adware and Pop-ups
- Printing problems
- Computer running slow
- Programs not working right
- Sound problems
- System and Application errors
- Device driver errors
- Email issues
- And many more...

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