ACR Computers Service Pricing


Service   Price
Instore Services $20 minimum $50/hr
Onsite Services 1 hour minimum $60/hr
Business Services 1 hour minimum $60/hr
Remote Tech Support 30 minute minimum $50/hr
Travel Charges Hamilton & surrounding No charge
Emergency Service 1 hour minimum $80/hr
Data Recovery Service 1 hour minimum $50/hr
  Disc copy to hard drive/20 GB $20
Home Service Plans Prepaid 10 hrs $45/hr
  Prepaid 20 hrs $40/hr
Business Service Plans Prepaid 10 hrs $55/hr
  Prepaid 20 hrs $50/hr



Hardware Services

- System performance upgrades: cpu, mainboard & memory
- Storage capacity expansions: hard drives & external storage
- Removable storage drive installation: CD/DVD drives
- Network and internet integration upgrades
- System enhancement upgrades: video/audio output and peripheral connectivity
- Hardware failure diagnostics and replacement
- Hardware compatibility testing and consulting
- Data Recovery Services

Software Services

- Operating system installation and upgrades
- Corrupt operating system restoration
- Reduced performance assessment
- Internet security configuration
- Software installation
- Virus and spyware removal

Installation Services

- Location setup and connection
- Network and internet configuration
- Email configuration
- Configure internet security
- Connect and configure peripheral devices
- Extended software installation
- Data migration
- User orientation and training

Networking Services

- Small network assessment and configuration
- Desktop and notebook configuration
- Internet sharing configuration
- Internet security configuration
- Router Installation